December 2019 Member Spotlight – Cincinnati Barge & Rail Terminal

1. Provide general information about your company (location, employees, primary business operation, etc)

Cincinnati Barge & Rail Terminal (CBRT) is a full-service cargo transfer facility strategically located on 3,000+ feet of river frontage directly on the Ohio River, one mile upstream from downtown Cincinnati. The 25-acre property has been utilized as a barge terminal facility for decades, and is located at 1707 Riverside Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202, Ohio River Mile 468.5 M-70. All buildings (totaling about 200,000 sq. ft.) and outdoor storage areas are strategically situated above the 100-year flood level. The site has two private rail spurs with one mile of side track; and rail access served by the I&O, open to switching to Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ontario, Canada.

In service since 2009, CBRT services all barge, rail, and motor carriers as well as shippers and receivers in the transfer and storage of goods and commodities on the Ohio River. Services offered primarily include cargo transfer to and from barge, rail, and truck; material storage; and short haul trucking, just in time delivery to destinations. Commodities handled at CBRT include semi-finished and finished metal products, general cargo, lumber, raw materials, super sacks, and dry bulk.

CBRT helps domestic and international shippers and receivers reduce their transportation costs. CBRT handles inbound or outbound supply chain needs of industries requiring (break-) bulk materials shipments feedstock materials as well as finished products.

CBRT intends to upgrade and expand the facilities to attract additional business and create new jobs in the area.

2. Recent news or event to report

Our tenth anniversary year of 2019 has proved to be our best effort since beginning the business, due primarily to the hard work of our employees as well as a loyal and dedicated customer base that we have developed over this time period. As we continue to grow we plan to build upon our strengths of customer relations, dedication to service, and fair market pricing.

3. Year you became a CORBA member

CBRT is a founding/charter member of CORBA, having organized in 2011.

4. A comment or quote on why you choose to be a member our CORBA

The river industry in Cincinnati did not have an organized group or information source prior to the founding of CORBA. At its inception, CORBA provided this unity for river users and those inquiring about industry on the Ohio River.

We believe maritime commerce is vital to our mid-western region’s economy. CORBA is a viable instrument that “gets the word out” not only to prospective world-wide customers but also to city and state leaders who understand the member companies provide well-paid employment opportunities as well as a tax base where they operate.