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Our association was established as a means to help promote the maritime community within the Central Ohio River Corridor. We offer support to the entire local maritime community, and are always happy to welcome new members to our association. If you conduct your business on the local waterways, or are otherwise interested in our association, we would love to meet you!

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Word from the Chairman

Scott James
Chairman of CORBA
1725 Riverside Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hello CORBA Members:


My name is Scott James and I am very fortunate to be the New Chairman of the Board of CORBA through October of 2021.  As the four Chairmen before me, I was part of the steering committee that founded CORBA back in 2011 and have been very glad to serve in several capacities as the organization has grown.  Our membership has grown from 31 in 2013 to 64 this past year.  The membership represents a broad spectrum of marine and service support companies and government entities.  This is a remarkable accomplishment.

Since its’ inception, CORBA has been led by people committed to our Mission:




 Our membership can expect the same commitment from me.  Over the past 2 years, CORBA and CORBA members provided valuable input to Ohio’s Marine Transportation Study, which is now being reviewed at the state level, sponsored an interactive transportation forum attended by almost 100 people that brought together industry representatives to discuss challenges impacting the river system and the trucking industry and how the two groups could help one another.  CORBA was instrumental in the organizing of The Ohio River Coalition of Ohio (ORCO) in 2019, a state chartered advisory group within the department of transportation which is dedicated to promoting commerce, job creation, and economic development of the Ohio River.  CORBA also provided support to NUCOR Steel in applying for the first Marine Highway Project in our port.


We recognize that there are many organizations that your company can support, and we greatly appreciate you supporting CORBA’s efforts.  It is my goal to continue to create value provided by CORBA in a couple different ways.  CORBA will continue to provide our membership regular updates on issues impacting the river system and river commerce not just in our area but other areas that could impact the Ports of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and will continue to support our local economic development leadership to attract industry to this region, which will make all of us stronger.


I would like to thank Jeff Stewart for his incredible leadership and hard work over the last two years.  Jeff is a very respected individual in the river industry and CORBA benefitted greatly from his relationships across the industry.  Jeff has tirelessly given his time and resources to grow CORBA.


I look forward to an exciting two years at Chairman of CORBA.




Scott A. James


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