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Our organization was originally founded on November 1st of 2011 by a group of business owners and operators who were concerned for the maritime industry along both banks of the Ohio River throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. These founding members saw a disconnection between businesses and industries along this river, and realized that in order to promote river commerce, there had to be an association which maintained the Ohio River as its primary focus.

Welcoming everyone to offer their assistance

Any and all businesses who maintain an interest in river commerce are welcome to join our organization. We have members from tow and fleet operations, terminals, commercial passenger operators, shippers, utilities, marinas, restaurants, and more.

Maintaining strong connections with all crucial parties

In addition to providing direct support of maritime activities, we maintain open lines of communication with port authorities, municipalities, and government agencies including security, safety, and environmental branches. Additionally, we contact federal, state, and local representatives, state and local departments of transportation, chambers of commerce, as well as all other river stakeholders.

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