Mission Statement

The Central Ohio River Business Association (CORBA) is an alliance of businesses and industry engaged
in river commerce on and along the Ohio River and its tributaries from approximately Ohio River mile
356 to 560 (the Port of Huntington, WV to Madison, IN). The mission of CORBA is to unite the river
businesses and industry into a common voice in order to promote commerce, safety and security,
environmental stewardship, and public relations concerning the Ohio River and its tributaries
throughout the central Ohio River region.
We will pursue the mission by providing a forum for the exchange of interest, ideas, and concern among
our members, and, where necessary, support and advance the ideas and needs of our members to each
other, to government agencies and municipalities, and to other stakeholders with interest in or concern
for commerce along the Ohio River.


CORBA was founded in November, 2011 by a group of concerned business owners and operators from
both banks of the Ohio River in and around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The group recognizes
that a lack of unity among the businesses and industries along the Ohio River in this region is a threat to
river commerce here, and that a business association with the Ohio River as its core concern was long
CORBA’s target membership includes any and all business interests who have significant dependence on
the Ohio River and its tributaries in their operations including, but not necessarily limited to, tow and
fleet operators, terminals, commercial passenger operators, shippers, utilities, marinas, and the
restaurant industry.
In addition, CORBA will establish open lines of contact and communication with port authorities,
municipalities, federal, state, and local representatives, government agencies (including security, safety,
and environmental), state and local departments of transportation, chambers of commerce, and other
river stakeholders in the central Ohio River region.