We are pleased to announce the CORBA Member Spotlight for the month of October (AMECO/F&M MAFCO)

We are pleased to announce the CORBA Member Spotlight for the month of October



In May 2022, AMECO, a leading provider of construction and maintenance Site Services® planning and delivery, acquired F&M MAFCO, an international supplier of tools and equipment rental, sales, and service programs.

Together, AMECO and F&M MAFCO are simplifying operations on all kinds of job sites. From pre-construction planning through Site Services® delivery through demobilization, our combined offering is designed to meet the industry’s needs.


By combining forces, we’re able to deliver onsite solutions that provide cost certainty, streamline sitewide services, enhance site ESG and sustainability programs, increase uptime, and improve labor efficiencies for our customers.


Together, we deliver unmatched levels of innovation, simplification, and efficiency that drive value to our customers across multiple industries, including power generation, petrochemical/chemical and refining, infrastructure, marine and offshore, mining, natural gas, pulp and paper, advanced manufacturing and technologies, and other heavy industrial segments. Our expertise and knowledge, combined with our extensive site services experience allow us to develop, orchestrate and coordinate a wide variety of innovative and technological solutions for job sites and projects that are small, large, or truly epic. We keep crews work-ready.


We pride ourselves on being available to service our customers 24/7. We have the ability to supply the largest contractors and maintain the flexibility to meet a customer’s custom requirements. We offer tools and equipment, heavy equipment, consumables and on-site managed programs. We carry a wide array of manufacturers and also offer new and used crane parts, surplus used and reconditioned tooling.


We have multiple locations and branch offices across the United States and Canada.


· AMECO/F&M MAFCO announced the acquisition to the construction industry in BIC magazine. Read the advertorial and see our ad here: https://bit.ly/3esgWiP.

· AMECO recently celebrated our 75th anniversary! F&M MAFCO celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2020!

· AMECO F&M MAFCO opened a branch office in the Gulf Coast region to better serve our customers during shutdown and turnaround season.

· The Gulf Coast office recently announced its expansion offering tools and consumables while also being a staging site for StrikeForce Site Services® Management.

· Two of our newest product lines are scaffolding and concrete forms (including site design and engineering services for construction and bridge projects).

· Our offerings in hydraulic / electric winches product lines, custom build cabs & controls, specialty fabrications and more of our traditional products and services continue to grow.


F&M MAFCO became a proud member of CORBA in 2014. AMECO is proud to join forces as we become a member and rebrand as AMECO F&M MAFCO in 2022. Collectively, we are pleased to build upon the legacy that Bill McKenna introduced us to within the CORBA organization and look forward to expanding our presence with more team members involved in the organization moving forward.