Member Spotlight of the Month – Benchmark River and Rail Terminals, LLC

We are pleased to announce the CORBA Member Spotlight for the month of November



Benchmark River and Rail Terminals, LLC (Benchmark) is a liquid chemicals distribution terminal.  Located on the Ohio River on the west side of downtown Cincinnati along US Route 50, and along the CSXT railroad, Benchmark is uniquely situated to receive and ship bulk liquid chemicals by river, rail, and truck for distribution throughout the Tristate.  Benchmark currently employs 11 full time employees.

Like most terminal operators throughout the country, Benchmark is a critical link in the supply chain for the chemicals that we handle and is, therefore, deemed essential during this pandemic.  Examples of goods and services that depend on these supply chains include fertilizer for farmer crops, chemicals for water and sewage treatment, chemicals used in the manufacture of cleaning agents, soaps, and disinfectants, chemicals used in food processing, and many, many other essential products and services. The work performed by Benchmark and other related links in the supply chains (i.e. barge operators, railroads, truckers, etc.) can only be performed by workers present in the field.  Throughout the pandemic, Benchmark employees have been on the job every single day, and, as a result of their hard work and dedication, Benchmark has not missed a single shipment for its customers.  Benchmark would like to take this opportunity to salute all of its employees, and all of the “heroes” that work in the critical transportation sectors throughout the maritime, railroad, and trucking fields, but especially terminal operators.



Benchmark is proud to be celebrating its tenth year of operations during 2020!  During those ten years, Benchmark has consistently grown year over year.  Benchmark is proud to have taken an industrial property that had been idled for many years, and bring it back to life with significant private investment and a lot of hard work by dedicated team members!

Benchmark recently partnered with Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI), who served as the public sponsor, to apply for a CRISI grant through the Federal Railroad Administration.  The application was submitted for the installation of a safe crossing, including traffic lights on US Route 50, as well as railroad-integrated safety gates.  This project was among six projects throughout Ohio, two here in Cincinnati, that were designated to receive a CRISI grant.  Benchmark is required to make a matching contribution toward the project, and is happy to do so in order to improve driver safety at this crossing.  Benchmark appreciates the significant contribution and leadership by OKI toward this grant.



2011 – the year of CORBA’s origin.  Benchmark River and Rail Terminals is proud to be a founding member company of CORBA.  Eric Thomas, Benchmark’s General Manager, led the steering committee for the creation of CORBA, was the inaugural chairman of the board of CORBA, and currently serves as CORBA’s executive director.  Benchmark is very proud to have been a part of CORBA since its beginnings!




CORBA continues to play a significant role in promoting the regional maritime interests on behalf of its members. There is no other entity like it, and no other source for the services and information being provided by CORBA in the region.  CORBA continues to be a strong voice, and is viewed as the leading organization of its kind up and down the Ohio River valley.  CORBA’s continued outreach to the legislatures, economic development organizations, and the general public is a high-value service for Benchmark and all of CORBA’s membership.