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Class I: Generally companies whose operations are defined in one of the stated categories above, or otherwise has a presence on or at the Ohio River and her tributaries in the Central Ohio River region from approximately mile marker 356 to 560 of the Ohio River, the targeted region, or who have significant interest in River commerce throughout the region (i.e. inland shippers, freight forwarders, etc). Class I membership has voting authority regarding the affairs of the Association, and entitles the member to all the privileges and benefits of membership in CORBA. Dues are set at $500.00 per year. Class II: Generally companies or persons who do not meet the criteria for Class I membership, but who can otherwise demonstrate a significant interest in River commerce throughout the targeted region. Class II members do not have authority to vote on matters of the Association, but are generally welcome to participate in regular meetings and activities of the Association. Dues for Class II members are also set at $500.00 per year. Class-III: These are generally government agencies, other trade associations, or individuals granted “honorary” membership to the Association. These members pay no dues and have no voting authority within the association. All members are asked to actively participate in the affairs of CORBA. This could include serving as on the Board, or serving on one of the regular committees. CORBA exists for the benefit of its membership and will only be beneficial when its membership is active. Please submit the Member Application and a check payable to the Central Ohio River Business Association for the proper amount stated above. Should the Board of Directors deny the application for any reason the check will be returned immediately.